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As Costa Rica has become the best destination in the region for outsourcing (#1 OUTSOURCING CITY OF LATIN AMERICA: SAN JOSÉ, COSTA RICA (TOP 100 OUTSOURCING DESTINATIONS 2016, THOLONS), also have challenges for recruitment and development. Companies often cite lack of tech professionals who also possess the language skills as major recruitment challenges.  With an ever increasing demand for project specialists and developers, “a lack of qualified staff and increased competition for talented developers has long been the scourge of the industry”.


Another challenge for recruiters is finding those with the skills they’re looking for, there’s no guarantee they will match what their clients are after, as universities are slow to develop candidates whose ultimate skills may not meet what companies  look for. 

CFTD has created the program workin60  in which students go though intensive, fast-paced skills training. They develop language competency as well as specific technical skills such as CISCO entry level certifications


Through our technology partners. With students going from B1 (CEFRL) to B2 in a period from 60 to 90 days, workin60 is the option for your ramp up-staffing needs. We act as both a recruitment partner and a development center  so our customers do not have to tie-up their limited resources to meet their recruitment needs. 

Contact us to learn how we can support your recruitment efforts.

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