"To know and not to do is not to know."

-Wang Yang Ming


We did not intent was not to start a company, but to solve a problem. CFTD started as an experiment on doing things backwards, after a brief stint as  language educators, we realized that last thing we wanted to do was to go through the motions of the traditional field of student development. It took  my wife Marcela and myself the better part of a decade to understand  that the path to excellence was one of constant research, experiment and failure.


Our goal was to be able to share with other teachers that path to discovery, and to improve the overall  experience students go through  when they learn to speak  a language. With time, we learned that discussions about methods, systems, technology and resources are useless if the teacher continues to be the center of the class. Unless we put the student at the center of the experience: understanding what drives students, how they are motivated, what brain-based research says about their learning, and put our energy and focus in creating a great experience, students will not learn. We learn because we are passionate creatures and we expect life-changing experiences. Students in the 21st century are different. They expect to learn what is relevant and adds value to their world, they want to be challenged, they want to criticize the world, not for the sake of criticism, but on the expectation that they can do it better. 


We have since expanded that vision to connect people to the opportunities of the knowledge economy. Unemployment is rampant and opportunities are limited for those whose skills are limited. Today people are expected to think critically,  to know how to learn, but have been stripped of the skills by the system or lack financial resources to get opportunities In that regard, we will continue to create programs that help companies meet their staffing needs as we work with potential students to develop such skills, using technology to make the experience affordable to all, even those who have nothing. 


That is our pledge and mission. 



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