Northern Lights

Nordic inspired experiences to improve education in LatAm

Creating a vision of the future of education in LatAm

Disruptive innovation in schools:   Rethinking the aims and paths of education for young people in our schools

Short term certifications (from 40 hours- 2 weeks)

Creating a vision of the future of education (provided with Partner University of Tampere Finland (TAMK) 

  • Training for vocational schools from aligned to competencies and qualifications 

  • Building competence in ICT integration, including mobile technology

  • Development and coordination of international capacity building projects

  • Mobility and development projects with international partners

  • Lifelong learning paths for teachers and students

  • Professional development programs

  • Curriculum design and deployment for corporate partners emphasizing ESP (English for specific purposes) and soft skills 

Projects and Initiatives

Content Partners

Jason Strauss
CEO of ML Associates


Teacher Training Programs and Consulting Services

Contact Us

Rohrmoser, San José. Costa Rica

Tel.(506) 8594-8136

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